Headless CMS for collaborative content 2020

Collaborative editing and publishing tool for French literature teaching material

bash  debian  flask  git  javascript  mysql  python  rest  sqlalchemy  uml  webcomponents 

Outsourcing technical management 2019

Technical management for outsourcing of software components

bash  concrete5  debian  git  javascript  kanban  mysql  php 

System strategy, administration and migration 2019

Management of academic server infrastructure, technical strategy and migration

bash  debian  fedora  firewall  git  iiif  java  kanban  monitoring  mysql  networking  open-jdk  reverse-engineering  spring  testing  tomcat 

Real-time IoT gaming system 2019

Consulting, system architecture, technical team coordination and development of the specialized gaming system CrazySchool

arduino  bash  c++  debian  devops  esp  esp32  esp8266  git  http  javascript  kanban  mqtt  python  raspberry  raspbian  rest  uml  websockets 

Crypto-trading strategy backtesting 2019

Cryptocurrency trading algorithm backtesting

ccxt  git  javascript  matplotlib  numpy  pandas  python  rest 

NLP processor to visualization 2019

Glossary coherence/issue analyzer for the decentralized identity (DID) white papers

agile  git  google-api  kumu  nlp-toolkit  python  rest 

iRODS based storage with policy automation 2018

Using iRODS to automate storage of privacy-sensitive content with quarantine policy

4dv  agile  centos  debian  docker  git  irods  kanban  microservices  nginx  puppet  python  ubuntu  vagrant 

Anti-DDOS system using OpenBSD and Packetfilter 2018

git  openbsd  packetfilter  telecom 

PSU Monitoring 2017

Using a Raspberry Pi GPIO to monitor a PSU from CASA Systems

agile  backend  debian  electronics  flask  git  gpio  json  kanban  microservice  nginx  node.js  python  raspi  rest 

SAP CRM, OpenAM and LDAP integration 2016

Integration of authentication and interactions between SAP CRM and corporate LDAP/OpenAM for automating Customer Care processes

bash  debian  json  ldap  openam  outsourcing  python  rest  saml  soap  windows  xml 

PWM API 2016

API for interacting between the access network devices and the organisation's Process Workflow Management tool

agile  apache  backend  debian  devops  docsis  flask  ftth  git  json  kanban  kanban  mysql  rest  snmp  webservice 

Citycable Selfcare API 2016

Customer Selfcare API acting as a functional and security facade for an outsourced Selfcare Web-GUI

agile  apache  backend  debian  docsis  flask  ftth  git  json  kanban  mysql  rest  snmp  soap  webservice 

DOCSIS Topology Tool 2015

REST representation of the DOCSIS topology (including discovery, presentation, interrogation)

agile  angular  apache  backend  debian  docsis  flask  git  json  kanban  mysql  node.js  reactjs  rest  snmp  webservice 


Cable-modems HF signal quality map

agile  backend  bootstrap  css  debian  devops  docsis  flask  frontend  geojson  gis  git  google-api  html  javascript  jquery  kaban  nginx  openlayers  postgis  postgres  python  reactjs  rest  snmp  uwsgi 

SAS, Subscriber Activation System 2014

Provisioning system for customer service activation management (DOCSIS, FTTH, VoIP)

agile  apache  backend  bootstrap  css  debian  docsis  flask  frontend  ftth  git  html  javascript  jquery  json  kanban  mysql  python  reactjs  rest  snmp  telecom 

The Wall, Monitoring Wall Controller 2014

Web remote control for the NOC monitoring wall (screen and spinetix projects controller)

agile  apache  backend  bootstrap  css  debian  flask  frontend  git  html  javascript  jquery  kanban  pjlink  python  reactjs  rest  spinetix 

JQuery Plugin: jquery-smokeping-zoom 2014

A JQuery plugin for zooming in smokeping (and other) graphs

frontend  git  javascript  jquery 

System administration 2014

Availability, security, virtualisation, maintenance, performance, tuning

centos  debian  docsis  ftth  git  puppet  redhat  telecom  vmware  windows 

CUS-OFS Reporting tool 2012

Capture and reporting tool of human resources effort

agile  apache  backend  bootstrap  css  extjs  frontend  git  html  javascript  kanban  mysql  php  redhat  shibboleth  xfm 

IAFBM 2011

Administrative intranet of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine

agile  apache  backend  css  extjs  frontend  git  html  javascript  mysql  php  redhat  scrum  shibboleth  ubuntu  xfm 

TL Mobile Timetable 2010

A mobile TL timetable (transports lausannois), before TL Live existed

apache  backend  css  frontend  git  html  javascript  jquery  mobile  php 

Okikoo mobile app REST API 2010

REST API for the outsourced iPhone and Android mobile applications

agile  apache  debian  mysql  outsourcing  php  rest  svn  webservice  xfm 

Okikoo directory 2009

User-generated content-oriented business and private directory

agile  apache  backend  css  debian  extjs  frontend  html  javascript  jquery  kanban  mysql  php  shibboleth  svn  xfm 

Swiss Rivers 2009

Rivers flood prediction map

agile  apache  css  debian  extjs  frontend  gis  git  html  java  javascript  jquery  postgis  postgres  python 

PHP XFramework 2009

Flask-like microframework in PHP (xfm-php on github)

css  git  html  php  xfm 

Technical Trainer in the field of Geomatic Open Source Technologies 2008

Dispensing 1-4 days courses on Open Source Geomatic technologies as a Technical Trainer for Camptocamp

debian  geoext  gis  java  javascript  mapfish  mapserver  openlayers  osgeo  postgis  postgres  python  qgis  windows 

Geostat Plugin for the CartoWeb framework 2007

Development of the Geostat Plugin for statistical data thematic mapping

debian  gis  javascript  mapserver  php  postgis  postgres 

Guichet Cartographique Lausanne 2007

Geographic map of the city of Lausanne

agile  apache  css  debian  frontend  gis  html  javascript  jquery  mapserver  postgis  postgres  svn 

IFREMER Halieutic GIS 2007

Highly customizable geostatistical and thematic reporting tool

agile  apache  backend  css  debian  frontend  gis  html  java  javascript  mapserver  oracle  php  svn  uml  wfs  xml  xsl 

Assistant for the Database and Programming courses 2006

Create, animate and assess labs with students

apache  backend  css  debian  frontend  gis  html  java  javascript  oracle  php  svn  wfs  xml  xsl 

Ra&D at Geo-IICT institute 2006

Research, implementation, conferences

gis  java  ogc  python  redhat  svn  wfs  xml  xsl 

AJAX implementation in the CartoWeb GIS Framework 2005

Implement the then new AJAX technology into the client-server-based CartoWeb framework

agile  backend  cartoweb  css  debian  frontend  gis  html  javascript  kanban  mapserver  php  svn  xml